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We are a team of professionals with various experience, coming not only from the world of wine, who have intended to consolidate, with continuity, the distribution and positioning of Italian wines across the border, not by relying on importers, but by directly opening their own companies in Brazil, Colombia, USA and in other foreign countries. Wine is not just a drink, a fashionable custom, a presence on the table. Wine is something much deeper. It is a connection with life, a savoring of the history of places and people, a journey through civilization.

A team

Markets are constantly evolving and teamwork, with people with different skills and specializations, has allowed us to successfully identify old and new commercial areas with qualified and high-level positioning. These are times of great changes also in the commercial area and we want to be ahead of the game without losing opportunities for ourselves and our customers.


Every commercial proposal must make use of the “right” production cellar. There are niche products which, depending on their specific characteristics and price, can be sold in different categories of venues and restaurants and wines intended for large-scale distribution. The choice and selection of price/quality based on the sales objectives in these sectors is essential to obtain the desired results. Always and only with these premises we choose friendly wineries.


In recent years the world of wine has been receiving ever greater attention. Magazines, television programs and films about the world of food and wine are increasingly directing consumers towards quality products. As a result, products that certify particular recognitions and prizes that further enhance their value are particularly sought after.



Present directly with warehouses and commercial networks.
One of the states with the highest growth in wine imports globally, with particular attention to the Italian one. In fact, Brazilian imports of Italian wine increase significantly from year to year. We can say that Italy has achieved a favorable positioning which can allow it, in the near future, to consolidate itself with ever greater success.

We can proudly state that our company, present for years in Brazil, is enthusiastically contributing to this important growth of the wine sector, exporting more and more high quality and varied products.


Operating for years with important holdings.
The United States is the market with the largest wine sales in the world and in particular Italian exports are constantly growing.
America still tends to drink wine mainly not at the table but the widespread diffusion of Italian restaurants, preferred to those of any other country in the world, is a notable strong point in the sale of our product.

The success of wine in the country of stars and stripes goes hand in hand with the cultural and sensorial knowledge of the product, information that is now easier to find than it was a generation ago.
Italy, with its many different realities, many places of vine cultivation, the many wine varieties, is very interesting for continuous learning. Knowing how to recognize and appreciate many different wines, being able to combine them with an always very fascinating territory, represents a stimulus of great attraction for American consumers.


A dynamic and continually growing reality
Colombia, with its over 50 million inhabitants, represents one of the constantly growing South American markets in the wine sector. The continuous improvement of the general economic conditions of the country and in particular that of the mid-range, are increasingly pushing consumers towards excellent Italian food and wine products.

These are the reasons that are rewarding our company more and more every day, which is very active in this growing and dynamic South American reality.


A new but growing reality
Towards the second half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, Paraguay welcomed numerous Italian immigrants from various regions and with them the traditions of our table where wine could not be missing.

Currently the wines from our cellars are increasingly present in the Paraguayan territory, offering products capable of attracting even the youngest segment, those under 35 who represent 70% of the local population.

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